FOXTALES, BACKYARD STORY, and SLAVEMAKER can certainly be performed at one fixed location, but when they were written, their ability to tour was of great importance.  Below are the playwright's comments concerning touring these shows.

FOXTALES "is a director's dream for a tour show.  The script calls for no costumes, no props, and no set.  In production, all of the charachters are dressed alike and no clothing piece is called upon to suggest any aspect of character.  Actors in this show usually wear red FOXTALES t-shirts, blue jeans, white or red tennis shoes, and white gloves.  A piano and bare stage are the only set requirements."

BACKYARD STORY "has a set, but it is rather minimal.  Fence pieces are set up on stage and attached with hinges.  One squared arch of the two-line clothesline has to be made with a substantial base to support Voracious Vera as she hangs by her legs upside down.  The other squared arch does not have to be as substantial.  A typical silver galvanized garbage can and lid, an umbrella, and a broken tricycle complete the set requirements.  This play is fully costumed."

SLAVEMAKER "has many scenes, but it is written so that the scene changes can be done quickly.  The show includes three characters designed as Portals who create all settings and set pieces with the exception of a throne and a flea cage (birdcage on a stand).  The Portals tell the audience in the opening song that they will become the scenery as well as take on some character roles in the show.  By working together and dancing from place to place, they quickly form archways through which ants enter and exit various rooms of the mound.  Their character roles include a Gypsy Moth and a Tiger Beetle.  This play is performed in costume and with props, but the portals take care of all of the set needs."