To order perusal materials:

Call or email to let us know that you would like to review materials for a particular play, and we will send a perusal script and scoere to you at no charge.  Please be advised of the following:

  • One copy of the piano/vocal score may be examined for 10 business days by an organization possessing no more than a single perusal script.
  • If you choose to keep the perusal score and script for use in your production, you may do so, and we will include both the cost of the script and the rental of the score in your final invoice, along with the accompanying security deposit. (Refer to Cost of Materials in the Terms of Agreement.)
  • The perusal score MUST be returned upon completion of your production.​

To order a cast set of scripts & scores:

Step 1:  This process begins with the submission of a Production Rights Request Form,
               which is accompanied by our Terms of Agreement, which you may keep for                      
               your records.

Step 2:   Upon reciept of the Production Rights Request Form, you will be sent two other forms:
                     1. a Production Contract to keep for your records
                     2. a Contract Confirmation, which is to be completed and returned to confirm the details of
                         your contract with us.

Step 3:   Once we recieve the completed Contract Confirmation, we will ship the scripts and scores you have
               ordered along with an invoice for royalties and fees, due upon reciept.

See Terms of Agreement for:

Payment terms
Shipping and Handling Information
​Return Policies


Rights and Royalties:

All rights are held exclusively by Barbara Pascoe whose permission, in writing, is required prior to any performance.  A play is performed any time it is acted before an audience.  Performance involves the payment of royalties, which must be negotiated and paid directly with FOXTALES PUBLICATIONS prior to performance. 

Privacy Policy:

Foxtales Publications maintains a strict privacy policy and does not share or sell customer information to any other entity.